Monday, February 13, 2012

...She'll Tell You That She's a Pro At Putting Off Packing...and Alliteration

There's a rumor going around that this Thursday we'll come into possession of a set keys that will let us into what we've begun to affectionately refer to as "The Lake House".

Why do we call it this, you ask?

Weeeellllll, it's in a lake community and we can see the lake from our backyard.  In the winter.  When the trees are bare. And there are no bears or other animals obstructing our views.

But seriously, we are less than a block from the lake.  Which, while I don't swim in lakes, I'm very excited about because my kids don't know the difference and being so close to the lake will provide hours of Summer enjoyment for them.  And maybe a modicum of sanity for me.

So, yes, possession of the keys.  And then there's this other rumor that I may have booked a company to come in and re-do our floors on Friday before we move in.  See them?  They're over on my sidebar....I can't review them yet because, obviously, we haven't actually used them yet but all of the reviews I've read and the pictures I've seen have given me a very good feeling about the work that they're going to do.  Plus, I've been dealing with the owner of the company and he has been more than accommodating and professional.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to seeing how our floors come out and I'm hoping to be writing a glowing review of Bob Sidoti Floors  next week!

Once the floors are done, which should be by the end of day on Friday or at the very latest Saturday morning, the whirlwind weekend begins. 

We have to clean EVERYTHING.

Then we have to paint EVERYTHING.

Then we have to clean everything AGAIN.

Then we have to try and do as many repairs as possible.

Then, of course, clean some MORE.

And then actually move in.  Our truck comes on Monday.....HOLY CRAP THE TRUCK COMES MONDAY!!

So, what have I been doing to prepare for possession (of the keys, not my mind) ?  Um, well, my seven year old had the stomach flu this weekend so there was a lot of laundry.  I'm sure that helped to get us ready.  And we had a birthday party to go to and errands to do on  Saturday afternoon.  So, that allowed the dust in our house to settle so that I could clean one more time before we moved out.  And then, of course, I had to taste test the cupcakes for my soon to be 5 year old's birthday party.  I did that with one of my best friends and that helped to keep me grounded and bonded as we prepare to pack up everything and move out of our neighborhood of the past 6 years.

So, essentially, next to nothing.

Sort of.

This is where my husband has been super helpful.  He has actually been packing while allowing me to sleep in.  I fear this generosity on his part will come back to bite me in the ass very soon but I refuse to dwell on that.  So, yes, packing.  He has the majority of the kids' rooms packed.  Our daughter's room, even with all of her furniture in it, echoes right now because there is practically nothing in there.  Our son's room is filled with boxes of his toys and sports memorabilia.  And our room has empty plastic bins everywhere and garbage bags full of garbage and clothes to give away.

We are making progress and I'm sure all of the boxes that the husband is going to pick up today will help out tremendously in his our packing ventures!  Hopefully they won't be covered in liquor and cigarette logos as most of our current boxes are!  No need to have the neighbors think we're alcoholic chain smokers right off the bat....

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