Thursday, February 9, 2012

...She'll Show You Just One of the Many Basises for Her Decorating Ideas

Say that title 5 times fast.  You won't.

I am so lucky to have Pinterest. (Go ahead click it. Come join me and my addiction).  And friends who are hoarders packrats completely resourceful and forward thinking human beings.

No, seriously.  Well, the Pinterest thing is true.  It's an amazing site and I'm mildly COMPLETELY addicted to it.  For serious, the site is awesome and while some people find that it makes them feel inadequate as a wife, mother, friend, etc. I really find that it gives me tons of great ideas and inspiration.  And recipes!  OH MY THE RECIPES!

Anyhoo, I have friends (some of you may not believe that, but you can go get eaten by Monkeys, I really don't care) who like to hang on to things.  I think that's part of the reason we mesh so well, I like to hoard hold on to important things, too!  And very often, we find that we are each hoarding hanging on to important things that the other ends up needing.  For instance, my former-soon-to-be-again neighbor held on to her treadmill because it was free, but not really, and also top o the line.  And how does this matter to me?  She is GRACIOUSLY, giving it to us once we move.  Because, luckily for me, she can't run on a treadmill!  WOO HOO for bad knees and a need to run in the street!

But, really, I'm getting off my original topic.  So, my hoarder forward thinking and super resourceful creative genius friend has hung on to this fabric from Pottery Barn:

And while I don't like it for our bedroom, I LOVE it for some curtains in an otherwise plain room.  Just as an aside, we're talking about the flowers NOT the green stripe.  So, the "Nora" pattern from Pottery Barn has been offered to me to use in any way I choose.  And I choose to use it in this room:

THAT is a TERRIBLE picture on top but it's the only one I have of the windows!  :(  But currently this room is considered the 4th bedroom in the house, mainly because of that closet in the back.  Can you see it?  No? Oh that's because it's hidden in the UGLIEST PANELING EVER!  The plan, which is really MY plan since I like to keep secrets, is to make this room into our dining room.  On the other side of the super secret closet wall of paneling is the kitchen.  My hope is to AT LEAST open up a doorway between the new dining room and the kitchen...if not bigger.  The paneling, of course, will disappear into el dumpster and the rugs will join the paneling.  I'm thinking about keeping the creepy head picture on the wall, though.  It gives the room character.

No I'm not.

BUT back to the fabric.  My plan is to make them into curtains and if there is enough, a matching runner for our table or placemats.  Our dining room furniture is simple.  Handmade by my dad in the Mission style and it's a light oak color.  I really love it.  And the colors in the fabric will make the perfect splash on the walls.  I haven't chosen a paint color yet because I'm vacillating between a lovely rich blue and a neutral oat color.  Oooh, or maybe I'll keep up the paneling.

No I won't.

Will this be the first room done?  Probably not.  The current plan is to use this as a temporary playroom for the kids for a few months.  We're going to put down foam padding that you see in classrooms with letters and numbers and dump the kids' toys and a tv in here until we can settle some other parts of the house.

But for now, a girl can dream of her Nora curtains and unpaneled walls.

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  1. Love the bold flowers.

    And I don't know... the head picture is kind of awesome for a dining room.