Thursday, May 17, 2012

...She'll start to update you with pictures of her front door and inside the house

So, it's been awhile and to say things have been calm and we are settled would be a lie.  Here's the truth.  


And if my husband says to me one more time, "We should have just taken a week or two and fixed everything and THEN moved in."  I'm going to take my hammer and remove his teeth one by one with the nail remover end!

But within the chaos we have managed to complete a lot!  There has been a TON of painting.  Our floors are gorgeous.  We've taken down endless wallpaper and even a wall or two.  We've ripped out our old pantry and put in a new one.  We even discovered unwanted tenants that never left and managed to get rid of them.  In reality we think it was only one, but still, it was skeevsville for awhile and I hated it!

So, here are some pictures with explanations underneath them.  As school, and my job, come to a close I will be updating more.  Plus, we'll be doing more!  I started a cabinet painting project a few weeks ago that I am eager to finish, and the counters need to be painted, and the kitchen wall needs to come down!

 This is right inside our front door and our living room.  All of that yellow color is still there but only because that hideous paneling will be coming down sooner than later and I really didn't feel the need to paint it only to rip it down.  PLUS, it offers a bit of dimension to the room!  
That little wall with the spindle going to the ceiling?  GOING AWAY!  It's a pointless wall and it annoys me.  Plus, once we take that baby down- with my baseball bat- it will open up the room even more!  That's a "First Week Out of School" project for me!
We will also be replacing the front door very soon.  We have a couch in our basement right now that doesn't fit through the door and I want it in our living room.  So, if we remove the door, and the wall, we can get the couch in.  Another early Summer project!

Our front yard right near the front door.  All of those bushes?  Getting yanked!  That dirt patch?  Becoming a patio for some chairs and maybe a little bistro set.  While a lot of the front yard is a hill, it's a nice place to sit and during the Summer the parade and the festival are right in front of our house so a lovely little patio will make for a perfect viewing spot.  AND it's less lawn to mow!!

Some more front door and front of the house shots.  While I love the color green, I do not love it on my house.  Alas, painting the outside of your home is an expensive and extremely time consuming task that will get done, but maybe not any time soon.  The plan, though, is to do a deep French blue with bright white trim.  The front door will be bright white and the storm door will be a full paneled glass with black trim.  The doors are all chosen and as a matter of fact I can even show you a picture of them!  

Our soon to be front door.  With Lovely dark black or bronze hardware.

In order to keep this post to a reasonable length I'm going to stop here and let you ruminate on what the front and entrance of our house looks like!

I'll be back with far more pictures, including some shots of our paneled ceiling!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

...She'll Give you a Whole Bunch of Before Pictures!

So, I'm not exactly on top of posting lately!  I have is hectic, but good! 

I promised more posting and I will make good on that promise.  For now, though, here are some before pictures of the house.  We've been in for just over a month now and we have it starting to feel like home- aka, messy and wonderfully chaotic!  We've made TONS of changes and are continuing to make them each day!

Without further ado here are the before pictures of the house.... be warned, there are QUITE a few!

Truth be told, the last few are in progress photos but I figured I'd include them because they really don't show much progress!!