Saturday, February 4, 2012

...She'll post pictures of the Nu to Us House

Well, here some photos of the house we're moving into.  These are off the real estate listing and I plan on taking pictures the day we close, or right after that so that I have photos documenting from the moment we get the keys until we're done...and beyond.

There are a few things NOT included here.  First, you can't see the garage- which is new- but I want to change.  Second, you can't see the hideous green front door that will be changing.  Third, none of the bathrooms are pictured but I promise they will be posted before we touch them!  They are DOOSIES! Fourth, not a single photo of the basement exists and when I tell you that the basement is massive, I'm not even kidding!  Finally, the landscape shots just don't do justice to the space we have or all of the work we're going to have do!!

The backyard from the deck.  It stretches out pretty far which means plenty of clearing for us!
Obviously the front of the house.  If I have my way, the house will be a deep French Blue with white trim and a brand spanking new storm door by the end of the Summer.
And more backyard....and you can see all the trees that we're going to have clear or cut back.
This is a poor picture of the girls' room.  We actually requested that bed from the seller and he gave it to us.  Nicholas is going to flip his shit when he finds out he gets it.  He fell in love with it when we looked at the house!
Nicholas' room for now. Eventually, he'll have a room in the basement because it's just that large!  We've been teasing him and telling him we're keeping the room purple.

This is considered the 4th bedroom but we're actually going to make it our dining room...opening up some walls and such.
The Deck. It will be replaced and enlarged.
Current dining room to become part of the kitchen.
The hallway between all the bedrooms and one of the bathrooms.  Really, it's wasted space in my opinion.
Hello, welcome to 1992 and my kitchen.
Kiss that wall GOODBYE!
We'll probably do two remodels in here.  One where we paint cabinets and countertops and take down walls and wallpaper.  And then one, years from now, where we rip out and replace.
Living room with MASSIVE furniture.
Oh, hello fireplace. Don't get used to those shelves and that ugly paneling behind them. They are taking a walk quite quickly.
And the master bedroom with some of the largest bedroom furniture I've seen in a very long time.  And ugly wall painting.

There you have it.  Or there you have some of it.  If we ever close on this house, and I'm only half kidding on that at this point,  I'll have more pictures of empty rooms and big basements and large front yards needing lots of landscaping.  You may be saying to yourself, "why buy a house that needs so much work?"  And to you I say, "because it's so much more fun this way. And I really like power tools. And hammers."

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  1. It's going to be gorgeous! I think it would be so fun to have a house and do a major remodel. (Maybe I'll come help you!)